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What a great voice and enjoyable to work with! Hope to do more projects together in the future.

 Ken Searle,

Victoria had great acting instincts for this voice acting job. Professional without fail, with high quality files delivered in rapid-fire turnaround speed. Couldn't be happier, Victoria is a great talent in this profession!

Eric Howell,

Creator of 'A Day In THEIR Life:

An Audio Drama of The Beatles Story!'

Victoria's voice always exuded warmth and authority when she regularly presented the news.

BBC Radio Manager

'Silky Authority' - Victoria brings a wealth of experience in broadcasting and podcasting to every project.  

Bob Jones, Writer & Broadcaster

Your voice is brilliant and fits the storytelling superbly - I was transfixed and it drew me in and made me laugh out loud on a couple of occasions too. I felt like I was hearing it for the first time and considering I wrote it that was a big achievement on your part. Thank you.

Biography writer

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